Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Shall Never Forget: Crimes of Gaddafi and his Militias against the Libyan People

WARNING: Some videos contain disturbing scenes and very graphic in nature

Gaddafi and his sons surrounded by many more criminals used every tool of terror available to them to slaughter Libyan civilians, destroy everything in the cities and villages and for those who survived or injuried, cut off water, electricity, food, medication etc in a attempt to break Libyan people's will. 

The result so far: more than 10,000 dead, 25,000 injuried and 80,000 kidnapped by security forces.

This is a just a small collection of videos showing some of the brutalities committed by the regime against civilians demanding freedom and dignity.

First few days:

It started in Benghazi Feb 15th, 2011 by young people aspiring for better life and freedom, or in world's terms, a normal life with some dignity. Gaddafi's response was not tear gas ... instead use of deadly force, including anti-aircraft guns against unarmed protesters and with intent to kill

  • Protesters were shot in the head or neck to ensure fatality

Their mistreatment of enjurried civilians and prisoners:

  • This man, Ahmed Alghariani, was executed in Ras Lanuf after refusing to say " long live alfateh (name of Gaddafi's revolution)

  • POW's and civilans abused, tortured and then executed and thrown on pick-ups. Note Ahmed Al-gharian (above) in one of the photos dead

  • This wounded man is interrogated then thrown onto the truck where he died while being insulted 

  • Or humiliated, before taken for interrogation in torture chambers (Ras Lanuf/Brega)

with journalist:

  • .. when they capture Libyan freelance journalist who reported from Zawia that was later captured by Gaddafi thugs

  • American jounralists describing their experience with Gaddafi's criminal's .. what would it be for captured Libyans? you figure

  • To the contrary, Gaddafi's soldiers and mercenaries are well treated and taken care of when captured by the opposition forces

  • in spite of the scarcity of medicine in the besieged areas (Jadu)


  • and they tell of the lies they were told about whom they would be fighting (Al-Qaeda affiliates, drug addicts ..etc) while in fact they attack mostly inncocent civilians

Eye Witnesses speaking:

  • Witness from Misrata pleading for help (English starts at minute 5)

  • Misrata residents used basic means to defend their homes and city against Gaddafi's tanks and rockets

  • Snipers were ordered to shoot the head or neck (Tajura, Tripoli)

Everything is legitimate target for the blood-thirst Gaddafi and militias
  • Friday worshippers (Tripoli)

  • Mosques

  • A woman was shot dead while sitting in her room. A sniper bullet penentrated the apartment wall straight to her chest. Her husband seen in blue shirt carrying her body to the truck.

  • Children and families killed in their cars

  • Or in their homes ...

Gaddafi uses every weapon available to him to kill and destroy including:

  • Banned cluster bombs

  • .. destructive Grad rockets designed for battlefield combats

  • .. tanks


  • and mercenaries

  • .. to kill whom he calls rats and drug addicts like this baby

  • or this baby 

  • a bullet had to be extracted from this little girls's leg without anesthesia (none available) although she is lucky to be alive

What kind of criminal who uses deadly army force against own people
  • Artillery heading for Benghazi to committ massacres thank god for timely coalition intervention. Just hours after Gaddafi said that Benghazi was "dear to my heart", what if it was NOT??

  • Unarmed Youngmen executed in a Tripoli, the wounded insulted and left to die

  • Mass excusion of civilians in western mountain region of Gelaa videoed by GF who making a disturbing disrespectful running commentary  in arabic. Yes Gezaia has been freed and GF fled the small village but 1054 women who has been used as sex slaves for the past 3months have dissappeared with them , source ( Naloot freedom fighters)

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