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We Shall Never Forget: Crimes of Gaddafi and his Militias against the Libyan People

WARNING: Some videos contain disturbing scenes and very graphic in nature

Gaddafi and his sons surrounded by many more criminals used every tool of terror available to them to slaughter Libyan civilians, destroy everything in the cities and villages and for those who survived or injuried, cut off water, electricity, food, medication etc in a attempt to break Libyan people's will. 

The result so far: more than 10,000 dead, 25,000 injuried and 80,000 kidnapped by security forces.

This is a just a small collection of videos showing some of the brutalities committed by the regime against civilians demanding freedom and dignity.

First few days:

It started in Benghazi Feb 15th, 2011 by young people aspiring for better life and freedom, or in world's terms, a normal life with some dignity. Gaddafi's response was not tear gas ... instead use of deadly force, including anti-aircraft guns against unarmed protesters and with intent to kill

  • Protesters were shot in the head or neck to ensure fatality

Their mistreatment of enjurried civilians and prisoners:

  • This man, Ahmed Alghariani, was executed in Ras Lanuf after refusing to say " long live alfateh (name of Gaddafi's revolution)

  • POW's and civilans abused, tortured and then executed and thrown on pick-ups. Note Ahmed Al-gharian (above) in one of the photos dead

  • This wounded man is interrogated then thrown onto the truck where he died while being insulted 

  • Or humiliated, before taken for interrogation in torture chambers (Ras Lanuf/Brega)

with journalist:

  • .. when they capture Libyan freelance journalist who reported from Zawia that was later captured by Gaddafi thugs

  • American jounralists describing their experience with Gaddafi's criminal's .. what would it be for captured Libyans? you figure

  • To the contrary, Gaddafi's soldiers and mercenaries are well treated and taken care of when captured by the opposition forces

  • in spite of the scarcity of medicine in the besieged areas (Jadu)


  • and they tell of the lies they were told about whom they would be fighting (Al-Qaeda affiliates, drug addicts ..etc) while in fact they attack mostly inncocent civilians

Eye Witnesses speaking:

  • Witness from Misrata pleading for help (English starts at minute 5)

  • Misrata residents used basic means to defend their homes and city against Gaddafi's tanks and rockets

  • Snipers were ordered to shoot the head or neck (Tajura, Tripoli)

Everything is legitimate target for the blood-thirst Gaddafi and militias
  • Friday worshippers (Tripoli)

  • Mosques

  • A woman was shot dead while sitting in her room. A sniper bullet penentrated the apartment wall straight to her chest. Her husband seen in blue shirt carrying her body to the truck.

  • Children and families killed in their cars

  • Or in their homes ...

Gaddafi uses every weapon available to him to kill and destroy including:

  • Banned cluster bombs

  • .. destructive Grad rockets designed for battlefield combats

  • .. tanks


  • and mercenaries

  • .. to kill whom he calls rats and drug addicts like this baby

  • or this baby 

  • a bullet had to be extracted from this little girls's leg without anesthesia (none available) although she is lucky to be alive

What kind of criminal who uses deadly army force against own people
  • Artillery heading for Benghazi to committ massacres thank god for timely coalition intervention. Just hours after Gaddafi said that Benghazi was "dear to my heart", what if it was NOT??

  • Unarmed Youngmen executed in a Tripoli, the wounded insulted and left to die

  • Mass excusion of civilians in western mountain region of Gelaa videoed by GF who making a disturbing disrespectful running commentary  in arabic. Yes Gezaia has been freed and GF fled the small village but 1054 women who has been used as sex slaves for the past 3months have dissappeared with them , source ( Naloot freedom fighters)

Another Container to Libya with donated items - medical supplies and baby needs‏

Building on the overwhelming success of the first aid container to Libya, another collection event has been scheduled for:
Sunday May 8th, 2011 between 12.00 and 4:00 p.m
The donation site will be
The Olive Grove School
2300 Speakman Drive
Mississauga, Ont. L5K 1B4

Items mostly needed are medical supplies, diapers and baby formula and wheelchairs.  

Please bring your families and join us at the "hot dog" barbeque at the site during the collection time.
Your generosity in this most worthy cause is much appreciated

Contacts for Libya Actions

Government Politicians
UN & Security Council:

Human Rights Organizations:


Monday, April 11, 2011


Send the letter below to key Politicians in your area.  Libya's future is being decided this week and whatever decided will be stuck with us for years.

Therefore, can you please read the attached letter.


AU proposal is mainly to keep Gaddafi in power and is drafted by presidents known to be paid by Gaddafi.

The letter attached is addressed to Aston of the EU, but you can modify the address and the first paragraph and send it to as many interiors as possible, like SG of UN, PM UK, Foreign office, PM Canada, US admin etc etc.

Please do it, it is URGENT and VITAL.

Dear ........,

Re: Libyans are desprate to get their voice heard

We much appreciate the efforts of the EU to help Libyans in their time of distress and need. Special thanks to the EU, France, Italy and the UK.

For over 42 years, Libyans suffered terrible masscares under Gaddafi, his sons and his regime. It is getting worse by the day. They deserve to be herad and their aspirations to be respected in any negotiations.


1. Over 42 years, Gaddafi, his family and regime committed terrible atrocities and crimes, including hanging innocent university students. Murder of 1260 innocent and unarmed prisoners in 1996, in AbuSlim prison massacre..

2. Like today April 7th, in the seventees and eitheies, Libyan University Students were hanged in public places and in the sacred bounds of the University compounds.

3. Gaddafi can not be trusted. He is a liar. He and his sons and regime announced ceasefire on multiple occasions, but they continued the massacre of Libyan Civilians without interruption.

4. So far, they killed no less 10,000 innocent Civilians in cold blood. Many thousands are wounded.

5. They kidnap the bodies of the dead and keep them in freezers. Now are producing them as casualties of the NATO bombing.

6. More than 25,000 Libyan Civilians have been kidnapped and put in prisons, tortured and beaten daily.

7. He continues to use Snipers and heavy tanks and artillery against Innocent Civilians.

8. Gaddafi is trying to play negotiations for democracy, but once the delegations leave Libya, he will go back in retaliation to even greater massacres and there is no mechanism to protect Civilians once NATO is gone.


TO the African proposal, we say, we do not trust some Presidents from Africa. They are CORRUPT and Gaddafi is known to pay them bribes for years, and this is no secret. They will push for his stay to get paid.

TO the Turkish Initiative, we say it is good in principle, but again it MUST INCLUDE DEPARTURE OF GADDAFI, HIS FAMILY AND HIS REGIME.

TO NATO, we say: There are long lines of Gaddafi’s tanks and artillery over 450KM between Sirt and Brega. Why is NATO not hitting them? Is NATO waiting until these tanks go into the cities, then tell us “they can not be hit, because they are near Civilians?!!”

TO the EU, we say: Illegal immigration is a weapon created and used by Gaddafi against the EU. He brought 2 million Africans to Libya and used them to “twist the arm of the EU” whenever he wishes. We assure you that the illegal immigration will drop dramatically if Gaddafi goes.

We are sorry to be frank, but our people are killed, kidnapped, tortured every hour.

Open Letter to Libyan Officals in Embassies Worldwide

Assalam Alaikom,

Two months have passed since the start of the uprising in Libya and Gaddafi regime is still destroying our towns and cities and does not seem to have enough of Libyan blood.

A group of the people, relatives to predominantly wrongfully convicted prisoners who were executed in cold blooded killing in Abusalim prison, gathered to voice their demand for justice for their loved ones after years of ignorance and disregard by the Gaddafi regime. Instead of listening and acknowledging their legit demands, they were run over by cars, beaten, brutally tortured and eventually killed by mercenaries and the Gaddafi's security forces. The regime has since committed genocide against Libyans that superseded Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people:

    * More than 10,000 confirmed dead, comparable number injured and disappeared and are in all likelihood now living under inhumane conditions and tortured

    * Live ammunition including anti-aircraft guns were used against armless demonstrators

    * Gaddafi called us, the Libyan people, rats, Al-Qaida affiliates etc and vowed to destroy all cities where citizens dare to demand basic rights and dignity

    * Gaddafi militias armed with tanks and heavy artillery were sent to cities with clear instructions to kill, rape and destroy EVERYTHING including mosques, hospitals and homes. They were told men, women, children in those cities are all legitimate targets to their fire and ought to be dealt with no mercy. Civilians who fell injured and got caught by Gaddafi’s criminals were either executed on the spot or kidnapped from hospitals and then never to be seen again. Some bodies were dug out of their graves and used to deceive the world into thinking that civilians fell due to NATO's strikes. Big Lie and rather disgusting disrespect to the dead and their families.

     * Western reporters who managed to sneak into the cities under siege, e.g. Zawia, Zintan, and Misrata, were shocked by the tactics used against civilians and the miserable conditions residents in those areas were made to endure.

     * Gaddafi and his family continued to disregard all the demands of the Libyan people and vowed to continue their actions. Had it not been the international coalition’s intervention (who we once called enemies)  Benghazi would have been another Srebrenica.

     * All means for life were cut off the cities under seige, including water, electricity, medical aid. Dirty tricks were used to contaminate wells in Misrata, the only remaining source for drinking water that residents can use. Even Israel did not go this far in its wars against Gaza or west bank.

There seems to be no moral limit to the degree of descend that Gaddafi and his militias could go in humiliating and killing our fellow Libyans and destroying Libyan cities. For god's sake, are these actions for a leader fit to rule his people or be entrusted to bring about peace and democracy after what they have done?

Even more importantly to you as an official representing this criminal regime abroad, how far should he go in the genocide and destruction against our people and country before you decide to take a stand and denounce such actions and dissociate yourself?

God willing, it will be only a matter of time before this just revolt succeeds and Gaddafi and his family fall and be brought to justice. It is up to you to listen to your conscience and do the right thing like some of your counterparts or remain partner with the regime and draw shame to you and your family for the remaining of time. It is your choice but one thing you should be certain .. there will be a day when you will stand "alone" before your lord and be asked what did you do when your brothers and sisters were being massacred ruthlessly...neither Gaddafi nor any of his sons will be there to defend you. You have no execuse.

اللهم هل بلغت اللهم فاشهد

Libyan Dreaming of Change

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Principles for Negotiations on Libya

ياإخوتي مصير ليبيا بتقرر الآن ولابد لنا أن نوضح وبأعلى صوت وعلى كل المستويات فربما لاحظتم الموقف التركي المريب من طرح إمكانية التفاهم مع القذافي إلى طرح سيف الإجرام كبديل إلخ

لابد أن يقوم الليبيون بالداخل والخارج بالتأكيد على ثوابث لاحياد عنها
 هذه الثوابث هي:

1. لاللقذافي ولا لنظامه ولا لعائلته ولا كل أركان نظامه
2. لا لتقسيم ليبيا
3. نعم لتسليح الثوار

 فلابد لكل جاليه في الخارج من أن تكتب رسائل بهذا المعنى وتقدمها لوزارة الخارجيه أو لسفارات دول مثل تركيا وبريطانيا وأمريكا وفرنسا وإيطاليا وكندا إلخ. هذا أمر غاية في الأهميه والعجله.

 أما الليبيين في المناطق المحرره في الداخل ولمن يمكن له التظاهر السلمي في الخارج لابد لهم جميعا من إبراز هذه الثوابث بجلاء حتى لايمكن لأي طرف دولي أن يتلاعب بنا نحن أبناء ليبيا الحره.

ولابد أن نكتب لإوردوغان ونقول له أننا إفتخرنا بموقفه في غزه ومغادرته المؤتمر مع بيريز ولكن الشعب الليبي مصدوم ومستاء من مواقفه تجاه الشعب الليبي
اسفل الصفحة نموذج لرسالة بهذا المعنى نرجو ارسالها لكل من في القائمة التالية كحد ادني

  • UN Security Council:
  • Turkish Representatives world wide

We the Libyan community in …………………, would like to express the following un-negotiable principles which are held dearly by ALL Libyans inside and outside Libya:

1.     Libyans REJECT any deal that would re-instate Dictator Ghadaffi, or his family or his criminal associates. We do not trust any of their promises after all the killing and crimes they have committed against the Libyans over 42 years.
2.     No to dividing Libya. Libya is ONE and Libyans are UNITED.

3.     The Interim Transitional Council is the ONLY representative for the Libyan people.

We notice with great distress and dismay the lack of any protective act from NATO to the Civilian massacres that are taking place in many places in Libya, especially, Misrata, Zentan.

NATO has stopped implementing resolution 1973 of the Security Council and appears to be satisfied by just watching these massacres take place.

1. We demand an URGENT and DECISIVE action of NATO to protect Libyan Civilians in ALL these areas.

2. We demand ARMING the Libyans who are defending for FREE and DEMOCRATIC LIBYA.