Saturday, July 2, 2011

Support the Libyan Struggle for Freedom

Please modify this message as necessary or send as is to the decison makers and international press to refute Gaddafi's propaganda.

The Libyan people call on the international community and decision makers to continue their support for the Libyan struggle for Freedom and intensify the pressure on Gaddafi regime to halt killing of civilians and shelling of the liberated cities and towns. The Gaddafi regime is using every propaganda means available to him to distort the facts and appear as a hero or victim of NATO intervention in an attempt to neutralize world support to the Libyan people and then secure unobstructed continuation of his brutalities against the Libyan people.

- Gaddafi and his family are the problem that resulted in the current crisis and any solution that does not explicitly include their departure will only exacerbate the problem.

- The show of support that accompanied Gaddafi's speech is fake and not representative of people stance and mood. The crowd, although the most that Gaddafi could gather in one place, was primarily comprised of mercenaries, foreign labour and citizens lured or forced to attend the show of support.

- We demand the release of Libya's frozen assets and use them to send urgent relief supplies to the liberated cities and Libyan refugees in Tunisia and Egypt

- The Libyan people are in support of NATO's campaign and demand that it intensifies and be concentrated on the Gaddafi forces. Contrary to the propaganda shown on the Gaddafi TV, collateral damages has been minimal. People injuries or died due to normal causes are being forced to blame that on NATO in front of the camera to avoid punishment.

- We support France's arming of the freedom fighters. It is in full compliance with the UN resolution. Without well armed freedom fighters, the struggle will only prolong resulting in more suffering of the Libyan civilians

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